We are always looking for experienced and skilled additions to our team, please contact us at for more information or to submit resumes. 

San Francisco, CA


We are looking for a talented Web Designer who loves smart, fresh ideas and fancies themselves on bringing those ideas to life. The ideal candidate will have a good understand of the luxury fashion and accessory market.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

- Initial relaunch of site
- Interface with magento developers
- Deploy best practice and also hunt and deploy new features
- Lots and lots of photo editing
- New product uploading and maintenance
- Provide daily homepage tweaks and weekly splash updates
- Continuously align your design style with the overall Octovo brand to effectively communicate a cohesive concept
- Support our marketing efforts by focusing your efforts on helping build the marketing site, microsites, and landing pages that include supporting materials like buttons, promotional tiles, and icons
- Design social media custom visuals and background (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube) as well as marketing promotions — Gif, Flash, and email, etc.
- Work with teams across the company to gather insight and effectively communicate the value of our products
- Design a variety of marketing collateral that help support sales and drive leads
- Build templates and reusable collateral so non-designers can easily take and run with
- Continually push the brand aesthetic forward and unify across the board.

Desired Skills and Experience


- Experience with HTML, CSS, and a strong level of curiosity about the hippest web design trends and techniques currently out there
“Spidey-sense” like approach to design, layout, typography, and branding for the web
- Ability to work with pre-existing assets to match look and feel for new features while also having a wild enough imagination to create new assets and designs from scratch
- 3-5 years of experience, preferably with exposure to social media and mobile websites
- Desire to take your “know-how” to new levels by learning things like jQuery, PHP, and Python — mainly because you enjoy the challenge of being outside your comfort zone
- Experience with ESPs/marketing software, as well as print and InDesign

++ for a general understanding of web standards/web browser capabilities and the ability to create pages that work with different browsers and platforms.



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