Product Care


Octovo products are created with our custom-made Italian vegetable retanned leather. Some of our products feature Martexin wax impregnated cotton filter twill as well. Many vegetable tanned leathers will gain a slightly waxy patina over time. This is normal and can be wiped away lightly with a cotton cloth. 


Like all leather goods, our products show more wear the more they’re used. We like to think this natural patina adds to the life and narrative of the product itself. Like a scar, or a tattoo, it gives the product some street cred.


If the leather gets dirty, rub it gently with a warm, damp cloth. Soaps or foreign substances are not needed to clean leather, and can actually cause harm. The Martexin wax impregnated cotton filter twill should be brushed clean with a dry horsehair brush.


If the leather seems to be drying out, rub it with a moist conditioner or cream. If the leather gets wet, dry it slowly. Speed drying can change the chemical structure of leather and make it look funny. Let it dry at room temperature rather than blasting it with a hair dryer.




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